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Progress Report for DanORC 2008


A progress report 2008 for DanORC has been done and send to the Danish Council for Strategic Research ultimo October. See the report (PDF) (login required).

DanORC partner Anne Løkke appointed professor with special duties


From September 15 2009 dr.phil Anne Løkke has been appointed professor mso at the University of Copenhagen in Danish Social and Cultural History in the 19th and 20th century with special regard to Obesity Research. Anne løkke is a partner in DanORC with a research project about the historic development of consumption in Denmark 1900-2000 in regard to PUFA, TFA and milk protein and has furthermore the development of the Danish Health Policies and Infant Mortality as her specialities. In 2007 she published a book on the history of Rigshospitalet.


New Chairman of the Danish Council for Strategic Research


DanORC partner Peter Olesen - managing director for Actifoods A/S and affiliated professor at LIFE, University of Copenhagen - has been named new foreman of the Danish Council for Strategic Research. Peter Olesen was chairman of the Programme Commission on Health, Food and Welfare 2004-2006 and has amoung others been Executive Vice President in Chr. Hansen. In this capacity he was members of the DanORC Board of Directors 2007-2008.

Congress on prevention of weight (re)gain 4-6 May 2009


The EC funded project Diogenes (Diet, Obesity & Genes) is hosting a large satellite conference on the prevention of weight (re)gain on May 4-6 2009 in Nordwijkerhout, Amsterdam. The conference will inclose workshops, debates and presentations on as different aspects as food technology, early life programming of obesity, genetics and weight/diet regulations. 

IASO Conference on Obesity and Inflammation 3-6 April 2009


The International Association of the Study of Obesity (IASO) is organizing a Stock Conference 2009 with focus on 'Obesity and Inflammation'. The conference - initiated to commemorate the lifetime research contribution of Dr. Mike Stock - will take place on April 3-6 in Cairns, Australia. For more information on programme and sign-up, see here.

PhD Summer School 2009 on Molecular Metabolism


The dates for next years summer school of the PhD School of Molecular Metabolism will be September 2-5 2009. DanORC is associated with the PhD School of Molecular Metabolism and offers PhD-student working within the framework of DanORC in relevant subjects the possibility of membership of the PhD school. For further information see here.

DanORC PhD Course 'Obesity' 5-7 October 2009


In the autumn of 2009 DanORC will present a three-day PhD course on 'Obesity'. The course is organized in collaboration with the Danish PhD School of Molecular Metabolism and the Danish Graduate School in Public Health (GRASPH).

DanORC partner Karsten Kristiansen is new Head of Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen


DanORC partner professor Karsten Kristiansen has taken up a position as Head of Department at the Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, from October 1 2008.

Calls for grants within the project 'Healthy Growth'


Øresund Food Network has started a threeImage year project on 'Healthy Growth' with focus on the development of tasty and health promoting foods. Within the framework of the project interested parties can apply for partly support of PhD projects with company participation, maturation of knowledge and network activities.

Young Public Health Nutrition Network (YPHN) - a new initiative


An international network for young people trained in public health nutrition has been formed by young public health scientists from Norway, Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand, Holland and Portugal. The network has created a members site and a blog site with general information.

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