About DanORC


DanORC is a de-institutionalized national research centre in the field of obesity research. The main tasks of DanORC is to conduct and coordinate research through:

  • Meetings
  • Network activities
  • Workshops
  • Funding of research projects
  • Dissemination to the scientific and general public

The beginning
Danish Obesity Research Centre was founded in 2007. The basic idea was to investigate effects of the nutritional components: industrial fatty acids, ruminant fatty acids and milk protein on the development of overweight and obesity - independent of their caloric value. In short: why do people become overweight and obese besides the amount of calories they eat - here in regard to fatty acids and milk protein?

.. and thereafter:

Today DanORC includes all angles of obesity and researchers associated to DanORC work in many ways to understand obesity. The partners meet twice a year to share their scientific work and in the Young Investigators Network young scientists share experience and network. Also the centre organizes two Forums of Interest on Inflammation and Biomarker/Omics.

DanORC folder (PDF)

DANORC is supported by the
The Danish Council for Strategic Research
Institute of Preventive Medicine
Frederiksberg Hospital
Nordre Fasanvej 57
2000 Frederiksberg
Tel.: +45 38163025