Strategic research calls for co-operation
Obesity is a societal problem and the task of a national obesity research centre is therefore not only to investigate obesity but to make its research known and appliable. For this purpose DanORC has established co-operations with different organisations and networks.


Øresund Food Network
Øresund Food Network (ØFN) is a knowledge based Danish-Swedish network uniting research, business and authority within the food value-chain. ØFN coordinates and participates in several multidisciplinary projects within food, pharma, ICT and environment. ØFN also does competence mapping, analysis, match-making and Øresund Foodorganizes informal meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences in the effort to make the Øresund Region visible within food related issues and to increase research collaboration between Denmark and Sweden.DanORC and ØFN co-oprate with knowledge-sharing and the organisation of a yearly Winter School. (in English '') is an independent national webmedia which brings daily news from the world of science. It is a site with large interdisciplinary themes, entertaining items, interactive initiatives and debates for young peaople age 15-24 years. DanORC and co-operates on writing features and articles about obesity and obesity research(ers).

Videnskabsteatret (in English 'the Science Theater') is a group of dancers, musicians, Imageactors, set designers, and scientists. Together they organizes theatrical shows on scientific knowledge and research where dance, music and lectures are combined with audience interaction. DanORC and Videnskabsteatret co-operates on the show Obesity and Diabetes - is it just a matter of life style? with premiere in the spring of 2010.

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