Partnership in DanORC

What is a partner?
DanORC Partners are Research Groups with a Research Leader. Research Leaders are highly qualified scientists in the field of obesity research and Research Groups consist of those who a Research Leader associates to the centre as part of her/his Research Group (co-workers, students, collaborators).

Conditions for partnership
Partnership in DanORC requires:

  • Participation with an active and relevant research programme

  • Signing a DanORC Centre Agreement which outlines rules for partnership in DanORC and the organisational structure of the centre (board, centre leader, partners)

Partnership includes ..
Acces to members site, newsfeeds and newsletters, participation in research and education activities and invitations to all centre meetings.

Young Investigators Network
Younger Scientists can join DanORCs Young Investigators Network without partnership by signing a special agreement.

For further information contact centre leader Thorkild I. A. Sørensen.

DANORC is supported by the
The Danish Council for Strategic Research
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