PhD Courses

PhD Course 'Obesity'
DanORCs PhD Course provides 1) a general, genetic and clinical epidemiological introduction to obesity; 2) insight into metabolic mechanisms involved in development of obesity; 3) insight into metabolic consequences leading to type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and cancers; and4) implication for prevention and treatment. The course is held in context with DanORCs Collaboration with PhD Schools and the Copenhagen Graduate School of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen. The course is a three day course with hourly lectures by national and international experts and gives 2,5 ECTS-credits.

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Winter School 2010-11 'Individual Health & Nutrition'
The purpose of the Winter School 2010-2011 is to get a common understanding of the area “Individual Health & Nutrition”, to identify needs and focus of further research and cooperation, and of course to network and create new collaborations. The organisers are pleased to present that the Winter School is approved again as a Ph.D. course (2 ECTS), this time at the University of Copenhagen

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Winter School 2009-10 'Bioactive Compounds'
The Winter School 2009-10 is on 'bioactive compounds' and gives a common understanding of the area bioactive compounds in food and the needs and focus of research. It is part of a series of yearly winter schools organizes by Øresund Food Network, DHI, DanORC and Actifoods Aps. The course consists of six afternoon seminars, Tuesday from 13.00-16.00 and is a PhD-course at DTU and gives 2 ECTS-credit (participation in 5 of 6 seminars).
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PhD Course 2010: Pregnancy and programming and later risk of obesity and related disease
This course gives Ph.D. students a comprehensive overview of the latest developments with regard to mother-infant nutritional programming research, including advise on prevention diagnosis and management of early nutrition and adult diseases. It is organizes by the Research Unit for Dietary Studies, Institute of Preventive Medicine, and Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen 
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