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Course and Summerschool by the European Educational Programme in Epidemiology



The European Education Programme (EEPE) is an organisation sponsored by the International Epidemiological Association, the WHO Centre for Environment and Health and the Italian Association of Epidemiology. Every year they organise courses and a yearly summer school. In 2010 EEPE offers:

Milk & Obesity - current research and ideas for the future


The next centre meeting in DanORC is held on 14 December 2009 on CSS

Vacant PhD Scolarship


At the Department of Human Nutrition, University of Copenhagen, a PhD scolarship in 'Effects of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass on Regulation of Energy Balance' is vacant

DanORC PhD Course 'Obesity' a succes - new course in 2010


DanORCs PhD course Obesity on 5-7 October 2009 was a succes

DanORC Course : Basic Chemometrics / Multivariate Data Analysis


For DanORCs members interested in basic chemometrics and multivariated data analysis DanORC partner Rasmus Bro offers a one-day course on November 18 2009. The course will outline different tools within chemometrics and give examples of different kind of analysis such as Principal Component Analysis. It is open to all associated to DanORC and free. Rasmus Bro is professor at Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen. See invitation here.

DanORC in the press


September 2009 was a good press month for DanORC. The DSF Conference Strategic Research in Welfare Diseases attracted press attention in which DanORC was mentioned several times. Also Videnskab.dk, a website for scientific news aimed at youngers age 15-24, published an article on september 2. The article was based on an interview with centre leader Thorkild IA Sørensen on the 'mystery of obesity' and was the most read article on the site that week. See further under press here.

New board member - Søren K. Kjærgaard


The DanORC board has a new member, Søren K. Kjærgaard, PhD and associate professor. Søren Kjærgaard is Head of Department at the Insitute of Public Health, Aarhus University, and has worked in the field of occupational and enviromental Medicine since the beginning of the 1980's at Aarhus University and Harvard School of Public Health. He will be replacing professor Jens Christian Djurhuus as a representative for the DanORC research groups associated to Aarhus University. See more about Søren Kjærgaard here.

Winterschool 2009-10 : Bioactive Compounds in Food


Again in 2009-2010 DanORC, DHI, ActiFoods and Øresund Food Network has arranged a winter school representing sic afternoon seminars, Tuesdays from 13.00-16.00. It is approved as PhD Course at Technical University of Denmark. First seminar will be on 29 September 2009. For further information see here.

DSF meeting with DanORC presentations


On September 2 2009 the Programme Commission on Health, Food and Welfare from the Danish Council for Strategic Research hosts a conference on Strategic Research in Welfare Diseases - Metabolic Syndrome in Perspective. Centre leader Thorkild IA Sørensen as well as partners Anne Løkke and Karsten Kristiansen will present DanORC and the ongoing research in the centre. The conference is held in Landstingssalen at Christiansborg from 9.00 to 16.15.

Presentation of DanORC research in Dietician Forum


On September 24 and 25 2009 Landbrug & Fødevarers Diætistforum organizes an Dietician Meeting about DanORC and obesity research. Research coordinator of DanORC Tine Jess as well as partners Anne Løkke and Karsten Kristiansen will present the centre. The meetings are currently fully booked. See programme here.

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