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Becoming fat - adipogenesis and beyond


On October 7 2009 The Danish Biochemical Society and the Danish PhD-School of Molecular Metabolism is organizing a symposium on adipogenesis calles Becomming fat - adipogenesis and beyond. On the programme are international researchers from USA, the Netherlands, France and Sweden as well as scientists from the University of Southern Denmark and the University of Copenhagen. See abstract and further information here.

Danish Obesity Research in EU's 7th Framework Programme


The Ministery of Science, Technology and Innovation has taken initiative to strengthen Danish science in EU Framework Programmes. One of the initiatives is the 'Referencegroup for Health' under the Capital Region of Denmark, and centre leader Thorkild IA Sørensen has contributed with a profile on strengths and possibilities for Danish obesity research in the present 7th Framework Programme. Read the profile on Danish Obesity Research in the 7th Framework Programme here.

DanORC partner Anne Løkke gives inaugural lecture


DanORC partner Anne Løkke gives her inaugural lecture Obesity in a historical perspective - healthrelated, social and cultural consequences of overweight and underweight on June 19 2009 . In September 2008 she was appointed Professor of Danish Social und Cultural History with special duties to historical obesity research at the University of Copenhagen. See invitation to Anne Løkke's inaugural lecture here.

New DanORC publication


DanORC partners Kim Overvad and Marianne U. Jakobsen has published the chapter Observational Epidemiological Studies on intake of Trans Fatty Acids and Risk of Ischaemic Heart Disease in the second edition ofTrans Fatty Acids in Human Nutrition. View the book Trans Fatty Acids in Human Nutrition here.

Professorship in prevention and treatment of obesity


The Department of Human Nutrition, University of Copenhagen, wishes to appoint a professor in human nutrition from February 1 2010. The appointment wil be in the area 'Energy Balance and Obesity' and closing date for applications is August 24 2009 at 12 noon. See description of professorship here.

DanORC expands research activities


Research in DanORC now includes all components of nutrition and other determinants related to the development of obesity. Up till now DanORC research has had focus on TFA, PUFA or milk proteins and their influence on the development of obesity independent of the caloric value, but in April 2009 the Programme Commision on Health, Food and Welfare approved the expansion of research activities in DanORC. This allows for new aspects in DanORC research such as physical activity, chronic inflammation and molecular profils.

Nos-M Seminar in Oslo


'Current Approaches to Metabolomic and Nutritional Disorders: From Genes to Prevention' is the name of a seminar initiated by the Joint Comittee of The Nordic Medical Research Councils (NOS-M). The seminar highlights cutting-edge approaches to understanding the development and prevention of metabolomic and nutritional disorders with special emphasis on type 2 diabetes and obesity. See more about programme, faculty and location of the NOS-M seminar here.

New DanORC co-operation with Videnskab.dk


DanORC and Videnskab.dk has entered a cooperation which enables DanORC partners - senior as well as younger researchers - to publish their research results in a more popular maner on the website. Videnskab.dk - an internetportal communicating research results and sciencitfic knowledge to primarily 15-24 year olds - originates from 'The Think Tank regarding the understanding of Science' initiated in 2003 by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Helge Sander.

PhD Course: Pregnancy and programming and later risk of obesity and related disease


'Pregnancy and Programming and later Risk of Obesity and related Disease' is the name of a PhD course held by the Research Unit for Dietary Studies, headed by DanORC partner Berit L. Heitmann. The course will be held at the Institute of Preventive Medicine and contains 5 full days of lectures with international and national speakers, among others several DanORC partners. Programme here.

Travel grants to workshop on synthetic biology


The Danish Council for Strategic Research's Programme Commissions on Health, Food and Welfare, Sustainable Energy and Enviroment and Strategic Growth Technologies have organized a 'Workshop on Synthetic Biology' together with Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley, US. The workshop will take place at the University of California, Berkeley on 23-25 July 2009 and is open to all grantholders of the three commisions. Application for travel grants by sending a short description of how the workshops fits ones research to FI before 1 May 2009.

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