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A 2-year research position, at the level of post doc or above, is now available in the collaborative research project: ‘Gene-diet interactions in Obesity’ (GENDINOB)


 The GENDINOB project

The GENDINOB project is based on a grant from the Danish Strategic Research Council (Programme Committee for Health, Food and Welfare), and aims at improving our knowledge about the role of genes and dietary intake and their interplay in human obesity. This will be achieved by new advanced type of analysis of novel, massive information on genetic variants combined with food patterns and nutrients, weight change (gain and loss), body composition, body fat distribution, and eventual obesity. The GENDINOB project will require cross-disciplinary work based on expertise in general epidemiology, genetic, nutritional and clinical epidemiology, molecular genetics, and statistical analysis. For more information please visit:


The position

The GENDINOB project is part of the activities in The Danish Obesity Research Centre (DanORC,, and the research position will be available at The Institute of Preventive Medicine (see, belonging to Bispebjerg Hospital, one of the Copenhagen University Hospitals. The project is also linked to the new research programme at University of Copenhagen entitled “Food, Fitness and Pharma” (, and GENDINOB is an extension of a series of corresponding subprojects in this programme. The applicant will be part of an integrated group of PhDs, post docs and senior researchers, which, however, will interact and share responsibilities with other researchers in each group.


The Qualifications of the applicant

Applicants to the research position should have a PhD, and have good knowledge about statistical data analysis and epidemiology. Knowledge about nutritional research is a prerequisite, and additional knowledge about genetic research will be an advantage. Interested persons with the relevant qualifications are encouraged to apply for the position, regardless of age, gender, religious affiliation or ethnic background.


The application procedure

The application deadline will be November 25th  2011 at 12.00 hours - the application should include:

-  a letter that explains the interest in the GENDINOB project, and describes the relevant qualifications for the positions (1 page)

-  a curriculum vitae including documentation for academic degrees, a bibliography, and, if available, letters of recommendation.


Applications must be sent electronically to Professor Berit L. Heitmann at

Receipts of the applications will be acknowledged.



The successful applicant will be employed for a time-limited position of 2 years and under conditions complying with the labour market agreements and the local rules for such positions. The starting date will be as soon as possible, preferably before February 1st. 2012.


Contact person: Professor Berit L. Heitmann, Institute of Preventive Medicine, Phone +45 33 38 37 46, and


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