Obesity have complex causes
The development of obesity is not caused by a high-fat diet and low exercise level alone. In fact it has not been proven in any convincing way, that these cause obesity as much as they are consequences of it. Genetic disposition, pre- and postnatal factors as well as intake of nutrients, independent of their caloric value, may also play a role. The question is which.

A multi-disciplinary approach
Researchers associated with DanORC work in different ways to understand the causes and consequences of obesity. In the following you find presentations of the different kind of studies conducted in the centre:

Historical studiesImage
The obesity epidemic in Denmark has developed over fifty years. Historians in DanORC study eating habits and ways of living over the past century. What have recommendations been to pregnant women? Or food consumption in the past century?

Socio-ecomical analysesImage
Another way to investigate consumption behaviour is to look at food purchase in Denmark over time. In DanORC, economists work with the establishment of a database showing available food and  purchase patterns. What has consumer behaviour been in regard to foods suspected to cause obesity? And what segement of consumers show which tendencies?

Epidemiological studiesImage
A large number of archives in Denmark have records on the health status of Danes going back to the beginning of the 20th century. Here height, weight, food intake to name a few are registrered and epidemiologists associated to DanORC look for patterns in these. Is there a connection between intake of certain nutrients and obesity and related diseases? Or a variation in genes and obesity?

A study of obesity of course includes studies of bodily mechanisms. Through studies of cell and blood samples as well as animal studies biologist, MDs and public health scientists investigate the formation of adipose tissue and metabolomics. What impact do certain nutrients, proteins or carbohydtates have on the metabolomic and development of adipose tissue?

Intervention trialsImage
Bodily mechanisms can also be studies with human intervention trials. MDs and human nutrition scientists in DanORC therfore test the impact of intake of different kinds of fatty acid and milkprotein. How does intake of fatty acids and protein effects the growth, body composition and health ind infants and adults?

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