Board Members

DanORC has a Board of Directors with a maximum of 12 members.

The members are representatives of the institutions or companies with which the research groups are affiliated, persons with particular expertise in the research field of the centre, and representatives of major granting bodies as appropriate.

Henrik Jørgen Andersen, Senior Director's picture
Senior Director, Adjungeret professor; Henrik Jørgen Andersen
Arla Foods amba
Corporate Research & Innovation
Wender  Bredie, Professor's picture
Professor; Wender Bredie
University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences
Department of Food Science
Henrik  Dalbøge, Executive Vice President's picture
Executive Vice President , PhD; Henrik Dalbøge
Chr. Hansen A/S
Health and Nutrition Division
Ole   Hyldtoft, Associate Professor's picture
Associate Professor, D.Phil.; Ole Hyldtoft
University of Copenhagen, the Faculty of Humanities
The SAXO Institute
Jørgen  Jespersen, Professor (Observer in DanORC Board)'s picture
Professor (Observer in DanORC Board), Dr. Med. Sci.; Jørgen Jespersen
The Danish Council for Strategic Research
Programme Commision on Health, Food and Welfare
Søren K. Kjærgaard, Associate Professor, Head of Department's picture
Associate Professor, Head of Department, PhD; Søren K. Kjærgaard
Aarhus University , Faculty of Health Sciences
Henrik  Pedersen, Professor, Dean's picture
Professor, Dean, D.Phil.; Henrik Pedersen
University of Southern Denmark, Faculty of Science
Bjørn  Quistorff, Head of Section of cellular and metabolic research's picture
Head of Section of cellular and metabolic research, Professor MD DsC; Bjørn Quistorff
University of Copenhagen, the Faculty of Health Sciences
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Inge  Tetens, Professor in Nutrition's picture
Professor in Nutrition, Professor, PhD; Inge Tetens
Technical University of Denmark
National Food Institute, Department of Nutrition
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